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MillHouse Pro (3D Morris)

1.07 usd

Please:This game is in a young state of development. Please report bugs and give me the chance to fix them or hints to make sth. better, before voting down.I would appreciate it, if you send me your wishes for the next update!Thank you.Features:- three different Layouts- full scalable playing-field- unlimited undo moves- game-state is storable- highlighting of constellations- skillful levels- no advertising
Common:- Nine-Men-Morris is a game for two players.- each player has got nine figures at the beginning.- each player only moves the figures of its own color.- the players moves alternating.
The game is divided in three phases:- Set-In: the players set in a figure at any free base.- Drag: if all figures are set, a player choose a movable figure and drag it to any adjacent free base.- Jump:- if a player has exactly three figures, (s)he can jump to any free base, except the starting-base.
Beating of figures:if a player moves on a base, that three figures of its own color are standing in a row, connected by a line, (s)he has built a mill. Then an opposite figure has to be taken from the playing-field. Opposite Figures, which are standing in a mill cannot be taken
Exceptions:- if a player closes two mills at one move, only one opposite figure can be beaten.- if all opposite figures are in mills, an opposite figure can be taken out of a mill.
The game ends, if:- one player has got less than three figures.- one player cannot move (stuck).
Millhouse layouts- 2D: standard Nine-Men-Morris.- 3D: pulled-up Nine-men-Morris as a cube (MillHouse).- 3D Corner: the inner struts moved to the edges, so a mill is built around the corner.
Questions, errors and critics:
I would apriciate to have some feedback or stuff, what can be done better. Especially about bug-reports.Please write a short email to, I will fix any problems as fast as possible.
Have fun with MillHouse